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Stafford April and October 2008 ‘Heartbeat’ book launch Festival of 1000 Bikes Mallory Park RealClassic Magazine test ride ‘Blue Light’ Petition - No.10 Replies Stafford Show April 2009 Click! Click! You’re Nicked Norton 50th at Donnington Park Cheshire Police Open Day, Sept 2008

Birkenhead Park FoT October 2009

First Timers at Stafford October 2009

Norton Mystery Solved

Special Interest in Honda CB750P

Looking at On-Line Auction prices

These are just brief details of what’s on.

Note that we do not organise the events, but when we are invited we like to turn up and display.

The contact person may not always be an HPMG member coordinating our stand. For example, it could be a museum curator.

Previous years diary's are only a guide to some annual events.

Before travelling to see a show, please check to see that the details are still valid and it has not been cancelled.


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Uttoxeter Show

From Sand to Sandwiches

More on the Gadabout scooter

Author Steven Myatt takes photographs at the Chester Festival of Transport 2004 in preparation for a forthcoming magazine article on police bikes.

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A typical indoor display One for the magazine