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From Sand to a Sandwich

Or what started on a holiday beach ended with eating a cheese roll on a test track!

Swallow Gadabout scooter

These little Villiers powered scooters were used by some police forces and some even had a sidecar, all designed and made by the Swallow Coach building company.

More information and pictures have come to light in the past year, and hopefully, by the end of this year, a fully restored example should be on display.

You can see more pictures and information in our ‘Machine Profiles’ section. More photo’s and info added in 2011

2012 Uttoxeter Show is Cancelled

The organisers regret to inform us that they will not be running another show at the racecourse this year. This is due to a clash of events at the racecourse itself.

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Special Interest in Honda CB750P

Looking at On-Line Auction prices

Another full and fun weekend at the Stafford Show Ground, but which one to choose. We exhibit at the International Classic Bike Show in April, and the Classic Mechanics Show in October each year. Each time we try to show a least one machine that has not been displayed before. See article in Newsbeat.

Just about 12 Miles from Stafford is Uttoxeter Racecourse. In July 2010 we decided to put on a small stand to see what it was like and went back again in 2011. Take a look...

More background on Photographs in our Archive

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