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Blue Light Petition - Number10 Replies

But don’t get too excited.

They say its too complicated and have not got the time.

The e-petition that sought to legitimise keeping blue lights on historic vehicles (even if the lights were covered up) got a sympathetic reply, and that was about all. The full petition and reply on the Number10 web site has been removed now. It was  http://www.number10.gov.uk

About the Newsletter 14 Cover Picture

The original picture shows a line of seven bikes, the first being an SS 80 (VO 9873) for Nottingham County Police and was collected on 3.6.1933. Only the engine is thought to survive. The other six are 11.50s (YG 3834 to YG 3839). These were for West Riding Police and were collected on the 2.6.1933 so the photograph was almost certainly taken on this date. The three people are George Brough in the middle, on his right is a Mr Smith probably the works clerk and on his right probably a police representative.

With Thanks to Chris Launders

Click! Click! You’re Nicked!

OK, let’s play spot the difference. Below we have two almost identical pictures of police on Pan’s . The locations are the same for the camera and the bikes. One of the riders is the same, on the same machine. One rider is different, but that’s not the answer. The photographer could have got arrested and detained for 28 days questioning for taking the one on the right. Why? Because it was taken in June 2009, the other was in Sept. 2007.

Terrorism Laws and Anti-Terrorism Laws were extended with effect from February, making it an offence to photograph a person of the armed services, including police officers in uniform or plain clothes, if that were to be used to make a dossier or anything in connection with a terrorist act. Read how here at ‘The Guardian’.

We couldn’t see it coming but taking a picture like this now could mean double trouble.