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On-line auction sites were slow over Christmas, with a number of items going for low prices or being unsold. Fortunately, things are improving.

Monitoring trading on one popular on-line auction site revealed that the Honda ST1100 PanEuropean in ex-police trim was a particular victim, with sale prices lucky to reach £2,250, and in some cases machines sold for less than £1,000. Even though the model was launched in 1993, these were by no means old examples.

Other examples include a replica Cossor CC105 radio control unit for £80 with just one bidder, but a handset like those used on the Pye Westminster went for £25 with 4 bids. A much sough after and complete Pye Westminster m/c unit went for £72 in 2 bids, but a rare Storno m/c radio control unit was unsold. Also unsold was  a set of Craven panniers and top box, and a craven rack. Meanwhile, the rare green Chubb Fire extinguisher, overprinted ‘Metropolitan Police’ sold for  £6.51 in 6 bids.

More recently, one of our members took a long time to sell his  ST1100. Of special note was the fact that it was authentically kitted out as an Australian Traffic Department machine. (Pictures on this site) About 18 months earlier, a similar machine in Californian Highways trim also took a while to sell. Fortunately the prices have now crept back to a more reasonable level.

Craven Top Box prices started around £25, but one recently went for an amazing £266.16 with Craven Concorde panniers starting at about £50. In one auction, a pair of panniers and matching top box went for £222. Pye Westminster dash mount radios have sole for anything between £5 and £30. A Pye Westminster ‘Lancon’ (a Lancashire Constabulary Motorcycle variant) sold for £140, while a handlebar speaker used with some Cossor sets went for over £26.

A new-old-stock Avon Avonaire fairing, without brackets but with a new police screen went unsold at £52 as its reserve was not met.

For those looking for little extras to act as props, the Burndept hand-held radios of the 70’s & 80’s were going for between £22 and £63, but a Pye PF1 transmitter only reached £20. An un issued Everoak GP helmet in its box went for £102, but recent issue ex-police full-face or pivot helmets seem to have disappeared form the market.

Happy bidding...

The Chairman of Bonhams (Auctioneers) in Germany takes a special interest in Greg Hollidays Honda CB-750P, which is thought to be the only restored example in the UK.

The auctioneer boss has a special interest in these, as he owns one of the small number that belong to Germany collectors.

More pictures in the Stafford show review.

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