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Norton Owners Club 50th Anniversary - June

The NOC wanted as many variants of the Norton make as possible to be gathered together at Donnington Park - and they got them.  The taking part included four ex-police machines presented by HPMG members and two from the National Motorcycle Museum. I wonder how many of the other machines there that day had been built for the police market and later civilianised, in particular the Interpol 2’s which were all police spec.

Left to right. Norton Dominator 88, 500cc, 1963. Essex registered, possibly used at an airport.   Norton Interpol 2, 584cc Rotary, 1983, ex RAF Police.   Norton Commando 750 Interpol, 1972, ex-Lancashire Constabulary.

Norton Commando 850 Interpol, 1974, ex-Hampshire Constabulary.

The 1963 Norton Dominator 88.

It has recessed tank, single seat, boost switch, fire extinguisher and a little place for an antenna base on the rear light bracket.

The 584cc Wankle engined Norton Interpol 2 of 1983 that served with the RAF police in the UK. MOD machines often vary in small details such as radio and lighting.

Two machines on loan from the NMM at Birmingham. The NMM does not detail the vehicles history.

Left Norton Interpol 850

Right Norton Interpol 2 584cc